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Iambic Pentameter

Reading Stephen Fry’s ‘The Ode Less Travelled’ I started writing while sitting in the sun… The birds are singing sweetly in the trees I wish my love could be here with me now and sense the stillness of the cloistered … Continue reading

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Starting my memoir

This is it! Start here! When I started writing these memoirs, I found myself hesitating, as what I wanted to say might seem to come across as a kind of shock to people who had, throughout my childhood’ tried to … Continue reading

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The Ikea Chair, a short story

At first, she didn’t mention the possibility of a care home, and when it quietly slipped into conversation one day, he was negative. It was only when the social worker brought it up, that it was discussed again in his … Continue reading

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Non-subscription and why I settled for that

Having been brought up in a Brethren assembly, I was well familiar with not subscribing to written creeds, yet from a young age I was fascinated by the life of Jesus, and made a real commitment at the age of … Continue reading

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I am fragile

Lying on a hospital bed, aged 70 and 2 months, recovering from a fractured femur, I have gone through various stages as I come to terms with this latest event in my health journey. I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis … Continue reading

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My Day Off

My Retirement Officer has assessed me and on mental health grounds has required that I have a day off once a week, which I have chosen to be Thursdays. On that day I may go to the gym, read books, … Continue reading

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Legging it to New York, or not, as it happened!

So the trip was booked, outings planned, excitement rising as the day fast approached. I was leaving via Dublin, stopping with friends there to see a concert at the National Concert Hall before catching the early AA flight to JFK. … Continue reading

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