Ian 1983

Wandering spirit, traveller from the East and Gallic lands,

Coming to share my grief, the loss of one so dear

To both of us.

One, part of both our lives, a memory strong

Who dominates my thoughts,

Who made me what I am.

I see in you familiar glimpses: hand, thoughtful, gentle air.

Loving his children, taking delight in each development of body and of mind.

What draws us close? Is it memories alone?

You stir my feelings, fill an emptiness within my soul.

(Is there a void in yours as well?)

My God fills mine in ways so hard to comprehend

And still He knows my needs –

I trust him for the future.

The now-ness is but temporary, part of faith.

I’d love to share that with you, but some hurt

Has shut your mind to Him a little.

My love, like His, is offered for the taking

Demanding nothing of you, but accepting what you have to offer.

You search for something, perhaps not even knowing what.

I pray your search may end in joy, peace, love.

14th April 1983


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