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A Theme Park for Northern Ireland

It was on a visit to Paris some years ago that the inspiration struck me. Parc Asterix was based around the story of Asterix the Gaul, which I had avidly consumed from the comic books as a child. At the … Continue reading

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The River of my Life

I sometimes think my life is like a river, as it tumbles over rocks, and streams down towards the ocean. When God created rivers, he did not make them go straight from the mountain to the sea, like the canals … Continue reading

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Family stories or People Watching

Researching my family tree takes me in all sorts of directions. The people I know well and those who are close to them is the easy bit. Most families have members who know a little bit about other people to … Continue reading

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A gradual farewell

After Paul moved to his last care home, I realised he would not remember things I told him. However, he still seemed to enjoy reading in small bursts, so I wrote him a letter that he could read as often … Continue reading

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My Family Odyssey

I started taking an interest in my family tree, after my uncle, Joseph Anderson, my father’s eldest brother, showed me a family tree he had drawn up, which he had framed and displayed in his home. He would tell us … Continue reading

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Letter to my grand-daughter

Hi Immy Happy 8th birthday!!! Are you having snow in London this week? We have had quite a lot this year. One day I could not go out in my car 🚙 as I live up a hill and I … Continue reading

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