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Loving Ireland

This morning, in the wake of ongoing Brexit talk, I cried for Ireland. The tears came spontaneously after listening to ‘On your farm’ on BBC Radio 4, with Sarah Swadling … visiting Clare Island on the west coast off County … Continue reading

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Fear ends all reasoning. Throughout my life I have self-checked what drives me or holds me back, and the possibilities that occur to me are love, safety, learning, and access to ways to move forward. Love is inbred in us … Continue reading

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Bucket List

Newfoundland Isle of Man Wimbledon return to France: le Chambon-sur-Lignon, Haute Loire Ballina and Pirate Island (Clare Island) Vancouver, BC Canada Completed: Egypt 2007? Alice Springs 2008? Canada 2013 Iceland 2018 Tunisia  

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Elsie, my favourite relative

Another snippet from my memoir… It was in Sept 1989 on her visit to Ireland when I first met Elsie. She was 78 then, and had probably been there before, but having lived her life in England, somehow we had … Continue reading

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I was starting to prepare for that trip I’d dreamed of – New York! First husband sadly gone i.e. Dead! and next one also sadly gone with Alzheimer’s, I thought nothing more bad could happen. Developing my life again now … Continue reading

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Letter to my granddaughter

Hi Immy, Happy 8th Birthday! 7 was a very special age. When I was 7, I started to think my own thoughts and sometimes even disagreed with other people’s ideas. And now you’re 8 and have friends to enjoy your … Continue reading

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Bossy Boots!

This is the story of my experience with Alzheimer’s disease, the people I have known who suffered with it, and especially my darling second husband Paul who has just recently passed away at the age of 81. As a nurse … Continue reading

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