My Day Off

My Retirement Officer has assessed me and on mental health grounds has required that I have a day off once a week, which I have chosen to be Thursdays. On that day I may go to the gym, read books, play computer games, eat slowly, and meet with friends who do not stress me out. Starting today.

So – what is a Retirement Officer?

Ha! She’s a figment of my imagination, based on helpful remarks and leaflets from Carers’ organisations and my own social worker, as I don’t trust myself to, or can’t seem to organise my life around these ideas and suggestions they all give me, my alter ego perhaps. She’s very good, and doesn’t listen to my arguments about what I think I should be doing! It also makes it a day to look forward to (which retired people miss as in ‘days off’), and shapes my week a bit better. A large D/O in my diary makes it more likely to happen.

It has been good. The only stressful thing I did that first day was call in with Paul who had refused to leave his room on a sunny day, and managed to get him to a sunny seating area until his dinner time. But that involved a lot of pleasure too.


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