Taking the Long View (first bio chapter)

Considering using this as the title of my memoir. It’s a way of focusing down on all the various events in my life, why I took the decisions I did, what became of them in the end, and what events just ‘happened’, but had a major impact on my life.

I’m up in the sky, looking down at my life here on earth. A female first-born child born to an early 20th century Irish/Ulster-Scots couple whose families had both been immersed in a minority cult called ‘The Brethren’, which impacted greatly on their lives, in some ways positively, though in my opinion also negatively. I was loved, as was my brother, but little did they realise, that their views did not automatically trickle down through our genes, that we both considered the status quo, then moved away from it, though each in different ways.

70 years later and looking back, I see wonder, curiosity, disappointment, joy, and yes, worship of our creator God. And yet to my parents I had stepped out of line, not automatically following the path they had absorbed, seemingly without question, from their own parents.

Wonder: nature, ballet, foreign countries, art

Curiosity: Foreigners, sex, the human body, philosophy, books, genealogy

Disappointment: relationships, illness, death, my children

Joy: Love, sex, literature, music, my children, relationships, grandchildren

Worship: Praise through music, nature

Perhaps these could be titles for the chapters in my memoir?

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2 Responses to Taking the Long View (first bio chapter)

  1. Go for it!
    You have an easy readable style that many will warm to
    That first book, is often best written as your personal story
    Best of wishes to you


    • nor4h says:

      Thank you, Trevor! Its just finding the time to do it at the moment, with Paul moving from residential to nursing care this week. Did I meet you at the Black Box recently? Your name is familiar, but I don’t know if I met you before that. Please tell me if I have missed something!


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