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Nial, Bara, Toby, Matt Oct 2013

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with 2 grandmas

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Hello all! I’m writing this to also print out and insert into Christmas cards for those who are not on email or I don’t have their email address.

Its been a busy travelling year for us. 2013 started on board the Cruise & Maritime ship Marco Polo with Paul, at sea from the Canary Islands, returning to Tilbury Dock and Victoria Station where we met with Jenny and the twins and Valerie Munro. A week later, Paul’s daughter Lindy and husband Dave arrived in Northern Ireland from Michigan with daughter Robyn, and we did the Titanic exhibition and a Belfast pub. Paul started his pottery class at Ards Arts Centre. We had a weekend in Dublin later that month and dinner with Terence and Sue at the Clontarf Castle Hotel, and Paul passed his disability driving test. The Alzheimers Society Cafe in Comber continues weekly and we had a trip with them to a pottery in Lurgan in January.

Back to London in March for Immy’s 3rd birthday, combining a work event for me at Covent Garden . We finished decorating the lounge, laid an oak floor and invested in a gas fire. And in April I started infusions of rituximab for my arthritis, and continued practices with my choir Voices Together for a concert in Portadown for Christian Aid. We enjoyed seeing Simon Callow at the Lyric Theatre and that month we also visited Winchester to see Paul’s cousin Olive, enjoying a show of old slides of their younger days, and also some of his friends in Stockbridge, Sandy, George, Lady Douglas Gordon, and his great-granddaughter Lena in Petersfield, finishing at Jenny and Geoff’s new house in Twickenham.

In May my 5th grandchild Toby was born in Prague, and we went to see the family there in July. In June we met with a couple from Canada researching their family tree in Holywood, who invited us to their home during our visit there in September. Another trip to London to see the twins in July, and a week in Galway by train in August to see old friend John Yates and wife Mary. The big trip of the year was to Canada to see Paul’s daughter Karen in Mississauga, kids Oliver, Harry and Alice , husband John and his kids, Liam and Callum, as well as our new friends Pat and David Kempston in Kingston, and brunches with Lindy and Dave and my Auntie Kay and cousins Susan and Daryl!

Back home, Paul started attending a Day Centre in Newtownards on Mondays which he enjoys, and we continue to attend Holywood non-subscribing presbyterian church as well as seeing old Holywood friends Maire, Helen, Tony and Linda, Peter and Lynda. Paul often goes to the Mens Shed with Bill Lockhart while I help at the Oxfam shop on Fridays, but we now have a regular carer slot to allow me to go out to this and hospital appointments etc. Paul’s Alzheimers is slowly worsening, but we take each day as it comes, and are very happy together.

I have restarted work on our family tree, using, and recently made contact with a relative from the Wilson side, Fred Wilson, who is a second cousin, his grandfather Joseph being a brother of my grandfather John. Today I met up with second cousins Gail Hewitt and Barbara Hill, whose mother Nora Hill, an old friend of my mother’s, sadly died recently.

So it has been a very busy year, and this Christmas we are to be with Jenny and her family in their new house in Twickenham, and Jonathan will be joining us there. Niall will spend Christmas with his Czech family in Prague, and we will Skype them on the Day!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Love from Norah and Paul

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