Two parking tickets in one holiday!

So we thought it a good idea to book a trip through Expedia: flight, car hire, holiday. The logic was if anything went wrong, there would be just one company to deal with. So we did. And we chased around the south of England in our little Vauxhall Corsa, seeing 3 friends of my husband where he used to live in a lovely little village called Stockbridge, then his grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter and his cousin Olive and family where we had a film show of when they were all young!! We stayed in a Days Inn at a motorway stop-off with free parking, then shot up the M3 on Sunday morning to see my daughter’s new house in Twickenham and her 3 lovely little girls.

Unfortunately parking in Twickenham can be tricky, but I went with my daughter’s advice and parked in a side street, which was OK on Sunday, then moved to a main road, displaying my Blue Badge, but with 2 wheels on the pavement to allow passing traffic to get by. Mistake! Not allowed in GB. Probably not in N Ireland either, but things are more laissez-faire as regards parking, and I thought the blue badge would protect me from all possibilities.

I’m not one to complain, and my husband is the sweetest, kindest man, but sadly he now has Alzheimer’s, which means really, bottom line, that all decisions fall to me. In most marriages or relationships, there is always a bit of chat about possible contingencies and a decision is made based on that. But not with us. He lives in a world where everything should just flow. Nice, if only it were so! So we got a ticket! Being a hire car, we reported it to them, and were told that if we paid up immediately they wouldn’t charge us an admin fee. My daughter thought I should appeal, as there was a position nearby where parking on the pavement was allowed! But to appeal meant waiting, and therefor paying the admin fee to the hire co, and I paid up prompto.

Two weeks later I get a letter with another notice about a parking violation (outside the 2 hours allowed!) from the hire company – to be paid by the very next day! I thought it was the same one I had already paid, then noticed the position on the road in the photo was different. It was at the hotel, where we had been told ‘free parking’! Several hours later and many phone calls to Expedia, the hotel, the hire company and the ticketing company, the hotel maintaining that if we had booked directly through them, it would have been free, but if through a third party, they couldn’t say! So an appeal was sent by email, complicated by getting the email address heard as ‘’ but apparently ‘!

Next time we’ll book all separately, as I can’t say that any money was saved, it was all so complicated! But it was good to see the people we went to see. And as they say, ‘Its all part of life’s rich pattern’!!


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