Travel plans for 2013

This month we are off to The South of England to meet Paul’s first great grand daughter, Lena, his grand-daughter Becky of course, and her new man Jonathan. That is the main reason for the visit, but as she lives near Winchester, we will stay there and also see his cousin Olive, and his 2 good friends George and Sandy! So we are hiring a car to travel around the Petersfield/Winchester/Stockbridge area, and on the last couple of days drive up to London to see my daughter Jenny’s new house at Twickenham! So its back to using Flybe (sigh), and for some reason known only to them, we have to fly via Edinburgh!! And having booked the weekend carefully, they change the return flight to an earlier time, giving us less time with Jenny and her little family in the new house – grrr!

Then in July we hope to travel to Prague to see our newest grandson Toby who is due to be born in June. We’ll get the coach (which is free to us!) to Dublin and maybe see my in-laws there, stay an night in an airport hotel, and fly to Prague. And in September we have booked to fly to Toronto and see Paul’s daughter Karen and her young family who I still haven’t met!


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