Aurora and Astrid

Aurora and Astrid

My delightful twin grand-daughters, now aged 9 months!


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6 Responses to Aurora and Astrid

  1. So beautiful!! I have twin daughters. They are 4.5 yrs old now. Twin girls are the best!:-)

    • nor4h says:

      Hi, these twins have a big sister who is 3! She loves dressing them up in her clothes!! You’ll see her I think in future blogs, also my grandsons who live in Prague!

  2. Your granddaughters are gorgeous!

    • nor4h says:

      Thanks, Debbie, I take half the credit! And there is another one, who I will show in later blogs, and a grandson in Prague, and another on the way! So watch this space!!

  3. nor4h says:

    I found it, thanks!

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